Plasma Cutting with High Productivity

DELA GmbH & Co. KG invested in four systems at once

With know-how from over five decades, DELA GmbH & Co. KG is still successful on the market today in the production of flame-cut parts and flanges. The prerequisite for precise and resource-saving processing is a cleanly produced flame cut, which also significantly increases the productivity of the tools in processing.

The Industry 4.0-capable inverter power source Q 3000 is used for 3D bevel cutting. In the meantime, the user cuts at four systems not only structural steel, but also pressure vessel steel and boiler plate.


"Since the commissioning of the first two systems, we have been absolutely convinced of the cooperation with Eckert as well as Kjellberg. Not least because our own, quite high-quality demands on our products have been passed on and even increased."

Stefan Debus
Managing director of  DELA GmbH & Co. KG

DELA GmbH & Co. KG
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