Competence Centre Plasma 4.0

In April 2010 we opened our plasma centre in Finsterwalde which has been one of the most modern of its kind in Europe until today. In the present Competence Centre Plasma 4.0, highly skilled experts and regional visitors can get an idea of the technical possibilities we have created. Whether plasma cutting with well-proven technologies or of the most recent generation, the Industry 4.0-capable Q series, - in our application centre we show you at one glance a wide variety of innovative processes for metalworking in a simulated Smart Factory.

In cooperation with our in-house development department we regularly identify possible troubleshooting scenarios and analyses and work on their remedy. This includes, not least, performing extensive lifetime tests of the consumables. Upon request, it is possible to cut samples depending on the task at hand, to make extensive technology comparisons and benefit-value analyses and to calculate the cost efficiency. In live demonstrations, potential and experienced customers can learn everything that is to know about plasma cutting, not least with the intention to facilitate their decision-making.

Demonstration facilities in Competence Centre Plasma 4.0

Process variants

  • Vertical plasma cutting
  • Bevel cutting
  • Pipe cutting
  • Plasma cutting with air
  • Marking

Contact Person
Competence Centre Plasma 4.0

Mrs. Katrin LIEGAT

phone +49 3531 500-196
print +49 3531 500-335