Qualification of Employees

The training contents of the Kjellberg Academy are designed with practical aspects in mind and are individually customised to the needs of users/operators, maintenance and service technicians. Our detailed training contents are listed below for you.

It is important to use a combination of theory and practice to impart knowledge that helps our training participants in their daily work to optimize their processes and cutting results.

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Duration 3 days for each machine series

  • Kjellberg Portrait
  • Hazard potential and safety at work
  • Basics of plasma cutting
  • Brief description of the machine
  • Operation of the plasma cutting system
  • Installation of the plasma cutting system
  • Commissioning of the plasma cutting system
  • Torches and consumables
  • Machine design
  • Cutting process
  • Principles of operation of the plasma cutting system
  • Error messages of the plasma cutting system
  • Maintenance
  • Handouts
  • Plasma cutting theoretically and practically

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