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3D generating or additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise present design guidelines and manufacturing processes. The research company OSCAR PLT GmbH makes an important contribution to this change with its new development of the coaxial direct diode laser ProFocus. With a laser power of 1kW and six single laser beams which are arranged coaxially around the material feed, the ProFocus can be used flexibly for deposition welding with powder or wire. The beam generation and the optics of the direct diode laser are positioned in a processing head. Due to the coaxial structure, a processing completely independent of direction is guaranteed. Ultra-HDR cameras ensure a reliable process monitoring. Unlike powder bed-based generative technologies, this system makes it possible to further process any existing semi-finished product and to add geometry elements of any size.

For more information and more detailed advice on this product, please contact our cooperation partner OSCAR PLT GmbH.

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Laser output 1 kW
Spot Ø 1 mm
Dimensions Ø 195 mm x 360 mm
Weight ca. 13 kg
Welding wire Ø 0.8 - 1.2 mm
Deposition rate bis zu 1 kg / h
Powder fraction 45 - 150 µm
Powder utilisation ca. 85 %
  • Overview of advantages
  • Beam generation and optics in one head
  • 6 separately controllable individual beams
  • Directional independance
  • Easy switching between wire and powder process
  • Integrated process monitoring and control
  • Doubling of the deposition rate by connectible wire pre-warming (hot wire)
  • Hihg powder utilisation
  • Brilliant shielding gas cover

Repair of large components:

  • Refurbishing for repair
  • Low energy input for minimum distortion
  • Good final contours
  • Excellent material properties

3D generating of components:

  • Path contours of CAD - CAM
  • Construction of components with up to 1 kg/h deposition with only 1kW laser output
  • Different materials in one component (e.g. seals, corrosion protection)

3D generating of semi-finished products:

  • 3D material deposition on standardised or pre-turned semi-finished products
  • High profitability from lot size 1
  • Good final contours in case of mould contours and reinforcements

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