Quality Parameters

Parameters for Evaluating the Quality of Plasma Cuts

The plasma cutting technology available from Kjellberg Finsterwalde makes it possible to achieve excellent cutting results. But just how good are they? DIN EN ISO 9013 has the answer*. Thanks to predefined parameters, the quality of thermally cut surfaces can be assessed independently of the separation process used. The quality of cut surfaces in thermal separation processes is determined by their perpendicularity or inclination tolerance and average surface roughness. In addition, groove lag, initial fusion of the upper edge and any dross or drop formation at the lower cut edge of the workpiece can be assessed. The standard divides the achievable quality into different ranges. Accuracy decreases from range 1 to range 5. While the cutting quality of laser beam cutting extends from range 2 to range 4, standard plasma cutting is found in range 5. However, thanks to its state-of-the-art HiFocus/PLUS technology, Kjellberg Finsterwalde can cut much more precisely and manage almost vertical cut surfaces, which can also be found in range 2 to 4. Usual deviations are about 2°. The accuracy of the plasma cuts is significantly influenced by the interaction of the plasma unit, guiding system and height control system. The cutting speed as well as other parameters also affect the inclination of the cut surfaces.