Kjellberg Foundation

Tradition & Development written with Capital Letters

The Kjellberg Foundation is a civil law foundation with legal capacity. It is subject to the legal supervision of the German federal state of Brandenburg and is registered with the supervisory board for foundations of the Ministry of the interior and communities of the federal state of Brandenburg. It is the sole shareholder of the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Group with registered office in Finsterwalde.

Purposes of the Foundation

The purposes of the foundation are realised by the establishment and management of and the participation in facilities for the aforementioned purposes as well as by promoting appropriate measures of third parties. The foundation is non-profit-making and does not primarily pursue economic purposes of its own. Article 2 of the charter of the Kjellberg Foundation defines the following purposes:

  • The research and application of innovative material processing technologies in order to preserve and continue the traditions of the welding and cutting industry in its regional context, especially by technological methods of joining, separating and altering, as well as by promoting scientific studies.
  • The application of scientific-technical achievements for social progress and peaceful use
  • The improvement of working environments with regard to all aspects of work in order to protect the security and health of all employees with simultaneous progress on self-determination in a free and democratic society.
  • The promotion of capital formation of the employees by individual proportionate productive property
  • The joint prevention of abuse of economic power.
  • The support of structural development in the regions with the intention to create and to preserve equal living and working conditions in all regions by participating in the development and structural adjustment of less advanced regions and the adjustment of industrial regions with negative development.

The members of the Executive Board conduct the business of the foundation in accordance with the conditions laid down in the charter and represent the foundation in all legal matters.

Volker Krink – Chairman
André Speri – deputy Chairman
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julia Zähr

The Board of Trustees monitors compliance with the founders' intentions and decides on matters of fundamental importance.

The members of the Board of Trustees work in an honorary capacity. The following natural persons are members of the Board:

Dr. Christian Bach – Chairman
Jesco Freiherr von Puttkamer – Deputy chairman
Timo Grundke (appointed by the Board of Employee Representatives)
Markward Burk
Nicole Dönicke
Dr. Thomas Hassel
Prof. Ulrich Stascheit

The Board of Employee Representatives consists of 11 representatives from all companies and facilities which the foundation manages or owns. It shall participate in the decisions made by the foundation's Executive Board and appoints one representative to the foundation's Board of Trustees.

The elected representatives of the employees are:

Marcus Birkholz – Chairman
Dr. Michael Dreher – Deputy chairman
Diana Bieberich
Timo Grundke
Eckard Koch
Ralf-Peter Reinke
Frank Laurisch
Erhard Meißner
Stefan Weedermann
Mathias Weiß
Birgit Zajic

Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 1
03238 Finsterwalde
registered with Ministry of the interior of the federal state of Brandenburg under 24-742-007214

Contact Person
Kjellberg Foundation

Mrs. Kathrin HORN

phone +49 3531 71945-47
mail buero@kjellberg-stiftung.de