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Q 3000

The plasma cutting machines Q 3000 and Q 3000 plus combine precise, highest-level plasma cutting and marking with a maximum cutting current of 300A. Thanks to the modular design, the machine performance of the Q 3000 plus can later be upgraded and, thus, adapted to the customer's requirements. The specially developed browser-based operator interface Q-Desk provides real-time process data and information of all plant components on any standard device and location-independent. The user benefits from extensive information enabling him to plan and execute a variety of maintenance tasks as guided by the system. This generation of plasma cutting systems is the result of intensive research and development work by Kjellberg and a landmark in the 60 years of Kjellberg's plasma history. The new digital plasma series Q sets pioneering standards regarding quality and connectivity.  

The Helpcentre Q is now available for the Q-Series. Here you will find all information and documents on all power sources of the Q-Series in the currently valid version.

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Power source Q 3000 / 3000 plus
Cutting current at 100% d.c.1 20 - 300 A
Marking current at 100% d.c.1 5 - 60 A
Q-Gas O2

Cutting ranges Mild steel

0.5 - 60 mm
80 mm
50 mm

0.5 - 60 mm
80 mm
50 mm
Cutting ranges Stainless steel

60 mm
30 mm

80 mm
50 mm
Cutting ranges Aluminium

60 mm
40 mm

80 mm
50 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1150 x 695 x 1460 mm
Mass 297 /317 kg
Fuse, slow 125 A
Max. Connected load 72 kVA
Protection class IP 21S
Mains voltages 380 - 400 V, 50/60 Hz
415 - 440 V, 50/60 Hz
440 - 480 V, 50/60 Hz

1 Ambient temperature 40 °C
2 Extension of piercing capacity with ProPierce technology in combination with Q-Gas.

Precise holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 0.75:1 (Diameter:material thickness) | more...

Excellent marking and notching quality

Contour Cut
Exact contours and holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 1:1 (Diameter:material thickness) | more...

Contour Cut Speed
Contour cutting in mild steel with similar quality and up to 50% higher speed | more...

Silent Cut
Cutting of mild steel with reduced sound pressure level | more...

Plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium from 1 to 6 mm with significantly less dross | more...

Ar/H2 Mix
Excellent cutting results thanks to active mixing of single gases for stainless steel and aluminium starting from 6 mm | more...

N2 Plasma Cutting
Plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium up to 60 mm | more...

Technology to enhance piercing capacity | more...

Bevel cutting with consistently high quality from 6 to 15 mm | more...





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