Marking, Notching and Punching with Plasma

Integrate labels in the process without interruptions


Large orders - whether for national or international customers - require a good and traceable flow of materials. The larger such orders are the more important are identification marks on the material. The industry increasingly recognizes and uses the advantages of plasma marking because this method saves production steps and, thus, incidental expenses can be reduced:

  • Variable marking intensity with one system
  • No additional equipment necessary
  • Marking with the same tools - no change necessary
  • Simplest integration into CNC control unit

The high-precision plasma cutting systems of the HiFocus and Q series with inverter technology already have the marking function (exception: HiFocus 80i):

It allows cutting and marking without changing the consumables of the torch. Inverter power sources achieve the best marking quality in the plasma industry in particular due to the extremely low marking currents from 5 A and the use of argon as marking gas.

Power sources of the Q series convince with excellent marking results without visible penetration thanks to Q-Mark technology.
In any case, users can decide on the depth and width of the marking. Almost any marking task can be realized with plasma, from simple annealing colours that are invisible after finishing to deeper notches and punching marks.

If you want to upgrade existing CNC systems, Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers the FineMarker as separate marking unit.