Sought and Found

Q 1500 is used for machining structural and stainless steels

Master metalworker Josef Schiller ventured into self-employment in 2010 and founded his own company in Gmund am Tegernsee. Together with his father, who is a master blacksmith, and other colleagues, the versatile metal construction company takes care of a wide variety of tasks - from traditional blacksmithing to modern metal design.

Owner Josef Schiller was looking for a space-saving cutting solution for efficient and clean processing of 2D cutting tasks using fine plasma technology. The Bavarian company decided for the Kjellberg plasma source Q 1500. 80 percent of the main application area of the plasma cutting system is mild steel from 2 to 30 mm. Also stainless steel mainly with 5 mm thickness for clamps on pipelines is cut frequently.


"The system runs almost every day and is really efficient.
For us, it fits perfectly."

Josef Schiller
Owner of Josef Schiller Schmiede & Metallbau

Josef Schiller - Schmiede & Metallbau
Neureuthstraße 1
83703 Gmund