EuroBLECH 2022

We know how:
Plasma cutting made in Germany.

  • Live daily:
    Plasma cutting on our exhibition stand & live broadcast from our Competence Centre Plasma 4.0 in Finsterwalde
  • Q-Series:
    Presentation of our plasma cutting systems with excellent cutting quality also for use in digitalised productions
  • Q-Hole:
    Cutting of Precise holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 0.75:1 (Diameter:material thickness)
  • ProPierce:
    Increasing piercing capacity by 10 mm in mild steel and up to 30 mm in stainless steel and aluminium
  • Smart Focus series:
    Presentation of our units for demanding operating conditions with an optimum price/performance ratio

Live in Hannover hall 13, booth D112


We know how:
Welding since 1922.

  • TIG welding:
    High-performance InFocus torches for efficient welding production with currents of up to 1000 A and InFocus Pluspole for aluminium welding of up to 450 A
  • Manual Submerged-Arc Welding:
    Submerged arc welding even under adverse conditions due to the high mobility of the submerged arc welding unit, easy-to-use hand torch and easily adjustable parameters
  • Welding electrodes:
    Presentation of our standard and special electrodes for all applications such as repair and build-up welding
  • Electrode Aquaweld:
    Presentation of our welding electrode for assembly and repair welding up to 20 m water depth

Live in Hannover hall 26, booth K71