Bevel cutting

Quick and easy bevel cutting

Cutting process bevel cutting with PerCut

Today, bevel cutting represents a significant proportion of the total cutting volume. While a few years ago bevels had to be treated manually with considerable effort for weld preparation, today this is realized quickly and easily with plasma cutting technology.

With the power sources and plasma torches made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde, smooth and even bevel cuts across the entire range of material thicknesses can be produced. The torch components are constructed to be slim and pointed on purpose in order to cover a wide range of angles. Whether Y, K or V welds have to be produced, users will be optimally equipped with plasma cutting technique made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde.

Bevel cutting with PerfectBevel

Bevel cut with perfect Bevel

With PerfectBevel Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers a database for welding-oriented bevel cuts for material thicknesses ranging between 5 and 30 mm and thus responds to the ever increasing demands on quality, dimensional accuracy, productivity and reproducibility. The compensation values stated in the database have been determined by using real tests and are available for mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers basic and user training courses as well as individual training courses for an easy implementation of the database.



Cutting positions of the torch for bevel cutting