Stainless Steel Cutting for Valves in Hydropower Plants

Swiss experts trust in HiFocus 440i neo

Since 1979 ADAMS Schweiz AG has been developing and producing fittings for hydroelectric power plants on an area of ​​8,000 m2. Customers of ADAMS Schweiz AG use the know-how to use reliable safety devices in hydropower plants worldwide. The factory in Serneus in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, with its central Alpine location, has developed over the decades into a specialist supplier of fittings for hydropower plants.

A HiFocus 440i neo plasma cutting system is used for the high-quality fittings. With the argon-hydrogen technology, stainless steel cuts with a material thickness of 70 mm are produced in excellent quality. For mild steel, the proven Contour Cut technology is used.



"The success of ADAMS Schweiz AG is based on proven Swiss values ​​- quality, innovation, flexibility, and excellent service. In the cooperation with Kjellberg Finsterwalde, the use of high-quality materials with reliable processes and systems are absolutely the main focus. We need this security from partners like Kjellberg Finsterwalde in order to be able to manufacture an almost perfect end product, which ultimately distinguishes us as a manufacturer of durable fittings for hydropower plants."

Menur Destani
Operations Manager of ADAMS Schweiz AG

ADAMS Schweiz AG
Badstrasse 11
7249 Serneus, Schweiz