Product Launch Double-Coated Electrode “Duoweld“

Favourite for reliable welding of unalloyed and low-alloyed steels

Kjellberg Finsterwalde expands its portfolio with a new double-coated electrode: The new Duoweld double-coated electrode combines the best handling properties with high strength values in the weld metal. This makes the Duoweld a universal welding filler metal for every welder in all areas of industry and trade, especially in general mechanical engineering, steel construction, boiler construction and shipbuilding.


The special structure of the electrode with two coatings with different properties combines the advantages of a rutile coating with the strength values of basic electrodes. For non- and low-alloy steels, the new Duoweld double-coated electrode produces a concentrated and stable arc. This makes it ideal for welding in constrained positions and enables X-ray-safe root layers. The user benefits from very good weld metal properties, smooth weld seams and an easy slag removal.


Kjellberg double-coated electrode Duoweld: excellent weld metal and easy handling – even in constrained positions

For more than 100 years, Kjellberg Finsterwalde has been developing and producing a wide range of high-quality coated electrodes. These include electrodes for low, medium and high alloy steels, cast iron, nickel and cobalt-based qualities up to hard surfacing electrodes. Stick electrodes for cutting, gouging and underwater welding complete the portfolio. The underwater electrode Aquaweld impresses with particularly fine weld seams and easy weldability in fresh, brackish and sea water with a certification up to 20 m water depth. It is nationally and internationally recognised and widely used for assembly and repair welding in the offshore industry, in harbour construction, shipbuilding and hydraulic steelwork.


Kjellberg double-coated electrode Duoweld: rutile cover outside, basic coating inside

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