New cathodes for the TIG torch InFocus 500

New cathodes for the TIG torch InFocus 500

From now on, Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers new cathodes for the high-performance TIG welding torch InFocus 500. A patented coating prevents the new cathodes ‚IF51 pro‘ and ‚IF52 pro‘ from sticking to the thread of the torch, while at the same time ensuring an optimum heat transfer between cathode and torch cooling and, thus, creating a smooth plasma arc for reproducible welding results. The TIG welding process InFocus has a highly concentrated arc. Therefore, the thermal stress on the components is extremely high. An optimised cooling system up to the torch tip protects them. To support the heat transfer between the components, the standard cathodes ‚IF51‘ and ‚IF52‘ are used in combination with a heat-conductive paste. In case it is forgotten or not applied properly, this could cause a reduced lifetime of the cathodes, damages to the torch or irregularities of the weld seam. By means of the new cathodes with high-performance coating such uncertainties can be avoided. Further advantages are a shorter downtime during the change of the consumables and saving the heat-conductive paste altogether. The result is the well-proven, smooth InFocus plasma arc for reproducible welding results.

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