HotWire – Plasma Cutting of Interrupted Structures up to 70 mm

Conventional plasma cutting and HotWire – a unique duo

With the patented HotWire method, it is possible to cut interrupted structures like gratings. The principle behind the method is indirect plasma cutting. In this process, the plasma arc burns between cathode and a continuously fed wire and not between cathode and workpiece. Changing from conventional plasma cutting to HotWire plasma cutting is quick and easy.


The advantages for users are manifold. Due to the continuous arc, the load on the consumables is low- with high process reliability at the same time. The advantage is that with the HotWire process, different contours can be cut in any direction without additional preheating and without the use of a rotating head. Furthermore, indirect plasma cutting offers a variety of possible applications. In addition to the production of industrial gratings, HotWire plasma cutting is also used in the dismantling of nuclear plants.


Depending on the power source, the user can choose between cutting currents of 280 A or 360 A. Depending on the material, cutting current, bar height and the desired geometry, cutting speeds of up to 1.1 m/min are possible with good cutting quality. All components are made by Kjellberg: the KWE 360 HotWire, the wire feeding unit including wire supply and the HotWire torch. The HiFocus 360i neo and HiFocus 440i neo systems are available for HotWire plasma cutting.


More information: Cutting applications - Gratings


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