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As bronze sponsor of the newly established youth supporting association of the Finsterwalde region, Kjellberg Finsterwalde supports young football players of the Elbe-Elster district with brand-new tracksuits specifically for the teams of the C and B juniors. It is the primary objective of the association and likewise Kjellberg's objective to provide purposeful support to the youth of this association in the region, and thus to give sustainable sports culture a chance for the future, also in smaller communities. However, the social commitment does not end on the playing field. So players, trainers and the board of the association came to visit our company and get an idea of Kjellberg as sponsor. The managing director of Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH, Volker Krink and Kjellberg's training coordinator Maya Vlahova were delighted about the huge interest and explained not only useful facts about Kjellberg and its technologies but also gave tips about training opportunities in the company.

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