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High-quality plasma cutting technology from Eckert and Kjellberg for the modern production of flame-cut blanks and flanges

Already in its second generation, with expertise accumulated over five decades, the German company DELA GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully competing in the production of flame-cut blanks and flanges right up to the present day. A cleanly produced flame cut is a prerequisite for accurate processing without wasting resources, whether for steel construction or for turned and milled parts, and this also considerably enhances the productivity of the tools used in processing. Customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront for the family-owned company DELA, and this is a challenge which the team gladly accepts. That's why foreign and domestic customers have always trusted DELA for high quality standards and adherence to deadlines. To enable the manufacture of both reproducible series and individual items in reliable processes, Stefan Debus, the proprietor and CEO of DELA has decided to invest in the future of the company and to meet the growing requirements in the area of cutting technologies.
It's no surprise, therefore, that in the decision-making process for more modern cutting systems, the focus was on the following attributes:

  • Reliability and precision
  • User-friendliness
  • Reliable processes
  • Use of the latest technologies in CNC plasma and autogenous cutting systems
  • State-of-the-art high-end CAD/CAM and nesting software
  • Automated vibratory conveyor tables that convey slag and components produced during cutting operations to the end of the table
  • High-efficiency extraction systems
  • Industry 4.0-enabled technologies

The solution for DELA was supplied by Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH, the right partner thanks to its more than 30 years of experience in all cutting technologies. For this reason, the course was set in March 2020, enabling the starting gun to be fired as early as October and thus just under six months later. Systems supplied by Eckert are equipped with high-quality components from renowned manufacturers and are individually tailored and delivered to customers' specific requirements. Two of a total of five new systems are already in operation. DELA Flanschen is the first to start production with the two new Sapphire plasma cutting systems, each with a 4,000 mm x 12,000 mm working area. Equipped for parallel cutting with one HD 3000 and one Vortex 3D FL plasma torch support per system, four plasma power sources from the latest Q-series from the longstanding German manufacturer of plasma cutting technique Kjellberg complete these systems, making them absolutely the right choice. Following the successful commissioning of all five Eckert systems - two plasma, three autogenous - all systems at DELA Flanschen will be integrated into a common 4.0 infrastructure by means of Eckert ConnECKt 4.0, which in the future will ensure that there are no limits on system availability or production efficiency.

With DELA's requirements and Eckert's combined equipment, Kjellberg was able to hold its own with its latest Q plasma cutting system series. Kjellberg impresses with crucial added value: reliable and precise cutting quality with digital production. From now on, DELA will be using the Industry 4.0-enabled Q 3000 inverter power source for 2D cutting and the Q 3000 plus for 3D contours. Since DELA only cuts structural steel, the Q-Gas O2 gas box and the Q-Torch 4510 plasma torch prove to be the perfect combination for these special customer requirements. The proven Kjellberg technologies Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed were also important for the desired quality cuts at high cutting speeds - as was the expectation of an excellent marking result, which it was finally also possible to fulfil with the Q-Mark technology.

"Since the commissioning of the first two systems, we have been absolutely convinced about cooperating with Eckert as well as Kjellberg. Not least because our own high quality standards for our products have been passed on and even taken to a new level. We're thrilled with the results and are looking forward all the more to the next three systems, which are already in the starting blocks," says Stefan Debus, proprietor of DELA GmbH & Co. KG.

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