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Q 4500

The Q 4500 plasma cutting system is the most powerful system in the Q-Series. It combines precise plasma cutting and marking at the best level with a maximum of 450 A cutting current. It enables the costumer to make precise plasma cuts up to 120 mm. High cutting speeds reduce costs and increase efficiency. This generation of plasma cutting systems is the result of intensive Kjellberg research and development in Kjellberg's 100-year history. The new, digitised Q plasma system series sets forward-looking standards in quality and connectivity. 

The specially developed browser-based operator interface Q-Desk provides real-time process data and information of all plant components on any standard device and location-independent. The user benefits from extensive information enabling him to plan and execute a variety of maintenance tasks as guided by the system.  

The Helpcentre Q is now available for the Q-Series. Here you will find all information and documents on all power sources of the Q-Series in the currently valid version.

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Power source Q 4500
Cutting current at 100% d.c.1 20 - 450 A
Marking current at 100% d.c.1 5 - 60 A
Q-Gas O2

Cutting ranges Mild steel

0.5 - 70 mm
90 mm
50 mm

0.5 - 70 mm
120 mm
50 mm
Cutting ranges Stainless steel

60 mm
30 mm

120 mm
50 mm
Cutting ranges Aluminium

60 mm
40 mm

120 mm
60 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1150 x 695 x 1460 mm
Mass 354 kg
Fuse, slow 180 A
Max. Connected load 109 kVA
Protection class IP 21S
Mains voltages 380 - 400 V, 50/60 Hz
415 - 440 V, 50/60 Hz
440 - 480 V, 50/60 Hz

1 Ambient temperature 40 °C
2 Extension of piercing capacity with ProPierce technology in combination with Q-Gas.

Precise holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 0.75:1 (Diameter:material thickness) | more...

Excellent marking and notching quality

Contour Cut
Exact contours and holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 1:1 (Diameter:material thickness) | more...

Contour Cut Speed
Contour cutting in mild steel with similar quality and up to 50% higher speed | more...

Silent Cut
Cutting of mild steel with reduced sound pressure level | more...

Plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium from 1 to 6 mm with significantly less dross | more...

Ar/H2 Mix
Excellent cutting results thanks to active mixing of single gases for stainless steel and aluminium starting from 6 mm | more...

N2 Plasma Cutting
Plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium up to 60 mm | more...

Technology to enhance piercing capacity | more...

Bevel cutting with consistently high quality from 6 to 15 mm | more...





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