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Individual Shielding Gas Systems

The perfect weld seam: high strength, optically and metallurgically perfect, efficiently to perform, no rework. In order to achieve this goal, a high-quality gas protection is necessary - not only in the process area but also for the trailing temperature field of the workpiece. Trailing shields are used for trailing gas protection for many welding applications, especially regarding materials which are highly sensitive to oxidation, i.e. high-alloyed steels or titanium. Due to the wide range of different welding torches for the most diverse component geometries, self-made solutions are often used in practice. They are not always the best solution in terms of gas protection and also often very expensive in terms of their iterative development for the welding company. Additive manufacturing methods open up totally new possibilities for the construction of trailing shields. Whether manual or automated welding - the individual trailing shields can be adopted to all welding torches and complex shaped components. A large variety of materials is available for cost-efficient single piece production.

For further information and detailed consultation about this product please contact our cooperation partner OSCAR PLT GmbH.

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  • Optimum gas protection for perfect weld seams - ideal without rework
  • Perfectly adapted to your component and welding task
  • For all hand and machine torches
  • Extreme robustness

Individual manufacture

  • Due to 3D print, nozzle form can be adapted to almost any shape of your component and torch geometry
  • High thermal endurance due to highly conductive materials (e.g. copper) and optimum water cooling

Optimum gas protection

  • Individually designed for your application
  • Subsequent cleansing processes can be reduced considerably or even avoided
  • Short purging time and reduced gas consumption

Perfectly integrated

  • Easy to implement into your system environment
  • Easy media connection
  • Quick consumable change for trailing shield and torch

Our offer

  • Supply of individual trailing shields
  • Analysis of your welding task regarding optimum gas protection
  • Identifying the component area to be protected
  • Shield design and constructive integration
  • Accompanying commissioning in your production process

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