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GTH 1202

The welding rectifier (thyristor-controlled) with constant voltage characteristics up to 1,400 A is especially suited for semi-mechanised and automated welding processes, in combination with the pre-adjustment of nominal values on the welding automats of the KA series (also with optional interface for external control) are available for the toughest use in tank facility and boiler construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding and industrial mounting and other areas. All Kjellberg power sources are charcterised by a reliable ignition behaviour and a stable arc. Big analogue displays make it easier to monitor the entire welding process.

EXTRA: Time-limited standby operation of the GTH 1202 reduces power consumption as well as noise and pollution of the machine.

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Power source GTH 1202
Mains voltage 3/PE AC 50 Hz; 400 V ± 10 %
Connected load at 100% duty cycle 82.5 kVA
Fuse (slow) 125 A
Welding current range 100 A / 19 V - 1400 A / 44 V
  at 100 % duty cycle 1200 A / 44 V
Max. open circuit voltage 65 V
Protection class IP 21
(L x W x H)
1110 x 820 x 1000 mm
Weight 440 kg
  • Automatic power off
  • Welding voltage steplessly adjustable
  • Remote adjustment and contactless remote control for high switching frequency
  • Pre-ajdustment of nominal values for welding parameters
  • Emergency-stop function
  • Adjusted welding parameters are constant with ± 1% with mains voltage fluctuations of ± 10% and internal temperature fluctuations, thus excellently suited for extremely long weld seams on large components
  • Excellent ignition behaviour
  • Very smooth arc for stable welding process
  • Stationary version with 4 crane eyes
  • Big separate analogue displays for welding current and welding voltage
  • Port for different remote adjusters
  • 2 welding cable connections parallel M16 each
  • Additional supply voltage output 42 V AC ±10 %/10 A (in total)
  • Electronics dust-protected
  • Optionally: interface KS25 for external control (industrial robots, guiding systems etc.)

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