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Plasma Cutting Technique

Mrs. Coren BÖTTGER

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Markings on workpieces with a plasma torch are relevant for many different applications. Later scribing on the workpiece, often done manually, can be shifted to an earlier stage of the production process as CNC-controlled scribing and marking. Due to automated marking, notching and punching of unalloyed steel, stainless steel and primed sheets, also on oily and moist surfaces, it is possible to strongly reduce valuable but ineffective downtimes in the production process. By means of plasma marking, temper colours are applied to the workpiece which are not visible anymore after colouring. By changing the parameters, the machine shifts to notching of the workpiece which is visible after colouring. Punch marks simplify subsequent boring processes or can also be auxiliary points for subsequent welding processes. The FineMarker can be adapted to CNC-controlled guiding machines and complements oxy-fuel systems as well as (older) plasma cutting machines which are not equipped for marking.

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Output current 4 - 25 A
Duty cycle 100 %
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 710 x 400 x 440 mm
Marking gases Argon or air
Marking speed 1.5 - 12 m/min
Plasma torch PB-M25 W (liquid-cooled)

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