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FIDUR 8/200

The electrode Fidur 8/200 is used for wear-resistant surfacings on machine parts which are exposed to heavy rolling and squeezing load (rolling friction), for example track switches, rail frogs and cross pieces. Furthermore, it is suited for intermediate platings for stress equalisation on hard-surfacings and for crack-resistant surfacings on difficult-to-weld materials with a higher carbon content and hard-manganese steel as well as heat-resistant and stainless steels and cast steel types at working temperatures of up to 300 °C. The austenitic weld metal is stainless, heat resistant and scale-resistant up to 850 °C and resistant against sulphur-containing combustion gases up to max. 500 °C, thermal shock-resistant, non-magnetic and work-hardenable.

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DIN EN 14700 E Fe10
DIN 8555 E 8-UM-200 CKNZ
Material no. 1.4370

PA      PB

Type of current AC
DC plus pole
Diameter 2.5 mm
3.25 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm
Weld Metal Composition C Si Mn Cr Ni
  0.1 % 0.9 % 6 % 19 % 9 %

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