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The nickel-iron electrode Ficast NiFe is suited for cold-welding of grey cast iron with lamellar and globular graphite structure and malleable iron. It can also be used for joints of cast iron (GGL and GGG types) with unalloyed steel materials. Compared to welding with Ficast Ni, a higher strength can be achieved. The alloy of the weld metal is basically determined by the composition of the core wire which consists of 60% Ni and 40% Fe. The weld metal is easy to machine and is characterized by high crack resistance. It is very similar to the base material in colour and corrodes later than the base material. This soft-welding electrode has good wetting abilities.

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DIN EN ISO 1071 E C Ni Fe-Cl3
AWS A 5.15 E NiFe-CI


PA      PB     PC      PF

Type of current AC
DC negative pole
DC plus pole
Diameter 2.5 mm
3.25 mm
4.0 mm
Weld Metal Composition C Fe Ni
  1.3 % ≈40 % Rest

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