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The rutile-basic-coated special-purpose electrode has a non-conductive and water-repellent coating for manual wet underwater welding. It is suited for assembly and repair welding in up to 20 m water depth for offshore and harbour construction, shipbuilding, and steel hydraulic engineering. High-quality welds require appropriate weld preparation, well-trained personnel, and compliance with recognised standards of good practice.

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DIN 2302 E 38 0 Z RB 2 UW 20 fr
  • Unalloyed mild steels with a carbon equivalent CEV according to IIW of max. 0.4 % (CEV=C+Mn/6+(Cr+Mo+V)/5+(Ni+Cu)/15 in %)

PA      PB      PD      PG

Type of current DC negative pole
Diameter 3.25 mm
Weld Metal Composition C Si Mn Mo
  0.05 % 0.25 % 0.5 % 0.5 %

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