Contour Cut Speed

Cutting of Contours up to 50 % faster

Kjellberg Contour Cut Speed

Contour Cut Speed is the further development of the patented Contour Cut technology for cutting small contours and holes in mild steel. With Contour Cut Speed (CCS) contours can be cut at similar quality up to 50 % faster. For CCS the same consumables are used thus enriching the existing CC technology by essential economic aspects, i.e. reduced costs per cutting metre by higher cutting speeds with excellent quality, very small heat-affected zone, high contour accuracy, angularity and surface quality.


Benefit from outstanding cut quality

While other manufacturers require additional equipment, Contour Cut is now a standard feature of all HiFocus plasma cutting systems with the plasma torches PerCut 200 to 211 and PerCut 440 to 451. For customers who already have one of the HiFocus systems a retrofit may be available on request to be able use this technology.