Project PISTOL

Development and validation of piezo-driven, highly dynamic processing optics

Zwanzig20 Konsortium: smart³ | materials – solutions – growth
Joint project: PISTOL³
Subproject 1: Qualification piezo-driven, highly dynamic processing optics for laser cutting applications
Funding organisation: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding program Zwanzig20 –
Partnership for innovation
Funding reference number: 03ZZ1028A
Project duration: August 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020

Purpose of the project is the development of a piezo-driven optics module for highly dynamic focus modulation for laser material processing. This HiDyn-piezo module is meant to be integrated into laser processing systems in order to expand the conventional 2D beam manipulation in the machining plane (x, y axis) by a highly dynamic motion in the direction of the beam axis (z axis). The objective is to develop a ready-to-use optics system technology in order to significantly expand the present limits of laser material processing regarding structuring, welding and, especially in case of Kjellberg, cutting.

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Project PISTOL


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