Kjellberg plasma cutting technologies

Plasma cutting is a thermal fusion cutting process. A constricted electric arc melts the material and drives it out of the kerf. For more than 60 years, Kjellberg Finsterwalde has developed plasma cutting technique and has constantly improved the possibilties of this separating process by developing the most diverse, partly patented technologies. It is the objective of this research and development work to optimise the quality of the cutting results, the cutting speed but also the costs and working conditions for users.

Cutting processes

Although users increasingly choose plasma cutting, there are of course other alternatives, too. These include oxy-fuel and laser cutting, both being likewise thermal separation methods, but also water jet cutting which does not have a thermal influence on the material. Generally it can be said that each method has its right to exist because the demands on the separation method depend on the individual cutting task. Economic aspects, too, should not be overlooked. In the following you will find a detailed explanation of the different cutting processes.