Plant construction

The focus lies on the equipment of your welding plants with the most modern control technology up to the integration into complex production systems. Kjellberg Finsterwalde will modernise your equipment or set up complete welding workplaces. Depending on the requirements, the process control, the logging and evaluation of the process data, the linkage with previous and following processes are provided or a user-friendly and clear user interface is developed.

The solutions are based on high-performance welding technology and extensive experience in the use of guiding systems such as masts, gantries, robots and various positioning systems. Engineers and technicians of Kjellberg Finsterwalde act as a well-rehearsed team, even if you have difficult or uncommon tasks.



Refurbishment, modernisation, digitisation of welding systems from our own and external production


System Solutions

Sophisticated welding systems with control technology optimised for the individual demands of your production process

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Plant construction

Mr. Sascha RUDNIK

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