Kjellberg Academy

Qualification of Employees

Kjellberg Academy view of the building

Motivated and educated employees are more committed and productive according to a Forsa survey „DUW (Berlin university for professional studies) study on employee motivation: motivate, retain, train“ conducted in 2012. They feel valued and supported. This also involves their increased productivity which can have a positive effect on the profitability of the company. Via the Kjellberg Academy you can qualify your employees or yourself for the future and increase your competitiveness - regionally and internationally.

Active Learning in Theory and Practice

Thanks to many years of experience the training contents of the Kjellberg Academy have been designed with practical aspects in mind including live cutting and scrutinising of the machines. The combination of theory and practice enables the participants after completion of each training course to apply the learned tips and tricks directly in their daily work. This makes it possible to optimise processes and improve cutting results.

  • Training
  • Contents
  • Participants
  • Courses with certificate of participation
  • Individual, special and international training courses
  • For one person or small groups
  • Digital formats: video tutorials, webinars, video conferences
  • Basic principles of plasma cutting
  • Service and maintenance (troubleshooting, carry out installation, repair work)
  • Functional principle of the plasma cutting system
  • Cutting technologies: Q-Hole, Silent Cut, Contour Cut, Contour Cut Speed
  • Practice-oriented live plasma cutting
  • Service technicians of OEMs / dealers
  • Maintenance staff of end users
  • Operators of end users

Contact Person
Kjellberg Academy

Mrs. Anne-Katrin KÄMMERER

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