Training „Plasma cutting technology compact” – Basics


Location: Finsterwalde/Germany

Price: 690,00 €

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Course description:

  • Gaining knowledge of plasma cutting
  • Hazard potential – noise, dust, fumes, radiation
  • Which materials can be cut by plasma cutting
  • Plasma cutting technologies
  • Media supply
  • Influencing parameters: Cutting direction, kerf, cutting speed, cutting height, upslope, downslope, initial finding, height control, technology switch
  • Aspects of plasma optimized design and construction – rounding the edges/ loops, Lead in/Lead out, continuous cut on contour
  • Assembling of a plasma torch, change of consumables and their evaluation of wear
  • Lifetime influencing factors as well as break of the main arc
  • Practical exercises on selected parts and materials
  • Cutting failures – perpendicularity, roughness, dross
  • Handling of cutting data manual
  • Evaluation of plasma cutting results

Teaching Method:

The theoretical course content are taught in the form of lectures and then deepened or enhanced by practical workshop elements.

Target Group:

All users of plasma cutting technology


1 day


Completion of the training “Plasma straight cutting technology”, bringing of own personal safety equipment (shoes, clothes)

Required documents:

All documents are provided


Lunch will be provided


690,- Euro (plus VAT, if applicable) / person
190,- Euro (plus VAT, if applicable) / additional person


Certificate / with exam

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