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What is newArc Technology?

newArc technology by KjellbergWith newArc Kjellberg Finsterwalde has developed a technology which significantly increases the productivity compared to conventional GMA welding due to a higher constriction of the arc: With a stick-out of up to 40 mm, newArc allows a considerably deeper penetration.
The newArc torch offers high direction stability and forceful seam tracking. The most important advantages compared to the conventional GMW spray arc  are considerably reduced energy input per unit length, increased welding speed, deep and stable root formation, high seam quality, no undercuts, pores and spatter.
Thus, the newArc technology results in narrow and almost flawless weld seams.
The newArc technology  is used i.e. in mechanical engineering and plant construction, aparatus and container engineering, ship and vehicle construction, engineering of construction vehicles and is also suited for the use wirh robots.
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