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 Presentable welding samples, welded with PSI 400
PTA Welding with Optimum Deposit
Variable processing of welding powder with new torch

InFocus welding in our application centre
Welding Parameters for InFocus determine
Feasibility studies help tapping the full potential of InFocus

Flux Equipment Assortment
Equipment and Retrofits for Flux Systems
Submerged-Arc Welding with Custom-Fit Flux Systems

Submerged-Arc Welding Automats

The flexible modular concept of Kjellberg's submerged-arc welding automats forms the basis for individual system solutions with a wide range of technological applications. Kjellberg's SA welding automats offer the right technique for single and parallel wire welding as well as welding with one and two articulated arms.
The automats of the KA series are mobile units that can be easily transported to any workstation and apdapted to diverse workpieces. The modular design of the KA series makes it easier to extend the units with additional devices, i. e. seam tracking and flux supply unit. Suitable components can be combined in an optimum way for every welding process. 
KA 1-UP Automat


Submerged-arc welding automat for single wire welding, also as steerable version
KA 2-UP welding head

KA 2-UP | KA 2-UPP

Submerged-arc welding head for single wire or parallel wire welding for connection to racks
KA 4-UPDG Automat


Submerged-arc welding automat with double drag arm
KA 7-UPP Automat


Submerged-arc parallel wire welding automat
Details and samples of application are also available in our current KA brochure.
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