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Columns and booms for SAW
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PSI 400 with touch display and flux feeder
PTA welding with ease of use
High-power PSI 400 launched

InFocus Technology:
Powerful, automated and free of Spatter

InFocus is the high-performance TIG technology for automated application. It is designed for high process speeds, is spatter-free and process-stable. Speeds of up to 15 m/min can be achieved for InFocus welding, up to 7 m/min for InFocus soldering. Key components of the InFocus technology are the welding torches for 500 A and 1,000 A, developed and patented by Kjellberg Finsterwalde. The optimised cooling of torch and cathode concentrates the InFocus arc at the tip of the cathode, so that arc characteristics and process features similar to plasma welding are achieved. The high energy density of the arc forces a narrow energy input and deep penetration. This results in a stable welding process without deflection of the arc.

Sheet metal plates made from steel and non-ferrous metals ranging from 0.15 to 12 mm in thickness can be joined together with the InFocus technology. For example, with InFocus soldering galvanized metal sheets are joined at up to 7 m/min and seams similar to laser welding are produced. With InFocus keyhole welding, plates of up to 12 mm in thickness made from high-alloyed as well as low- and unalloyed steel are welded in a single layer at up to 1 m/min. The weld surfaces are similar to those of plasma welding, however fewer parameters need to be set, making the InFocus technology faster and easier to use. Due to its low energy input, for the user the process ensures welding with little distortion and low internal workpiece stresses.

The InFocus technology can be classified between the methods of plasma welding, laser welding and conventional TIG welding and thereby combines their specific advantages:
  • Lower investment costs in comparison to laser welding
  • More efficient than the conventional TIG method due to the high speed 
  • Simpler to operate than a plasma welding process due to fewer parameter settings.
As developer of the InFocus technology Kjellberg Finsterwalde has the process knowledge in order to adapt the high performance TIG technology for the great variety of joining tasks.
More details in our current brochure.
InFocus 500 (right hand side) and InFocus 1000 InFocus-Schweißen am Beispiel eines 2 mm dicken Aluminiumblechs
The high-performance torches
InFocus 500 (right hand side)
and InFocus 1000
InFocus - spatter-free and automated
welding process, for instance 2 mm
thick aluminium sheet
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