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 Presentable welding samples, welded with PSI 400
PTA Welding with Optimum Deposit
Variable processing of welding powder with new torch

InFocus welding in our application centre
Welding Parameters for InFocus determine
Feasibility studies help tapping the full potential of InFocus

Flux Equipment Assortment
Equipment and Retrofits for Flux Systems
Submerged-Arc Welding with Custom-Fit Flux Systems


Since 1922, the name Kjellberg Finsterwalde has been a synonym for welding technique of the highest quality worldwide. All products and solutions for joining and surfacing combine the experiences of several generations of engineers and scientists. Having been a pioneer in automated welding techique, Kjellberg Finsterwalde has constantly worked on optimising welding processes with welding tractors and automats for more than 70 years. Special attention has always been paid to the submerged-arc technology. Know-how that is visible in every weld.
Automation solutions for shielded-arc welding and plasma transferred-arc welding complete Kjellberg's portfolio of welding technique. Focusing on high-quality surfacing and durable wear protection, Kjellberg Finsterwalde designs and realises high-performance processes for individual systems.
Automat for submerged-arc welding

Submerged-Arc Welding

Power sources, automats and components for submerged-arc welding

Highpower-TIG Welding

Equipment for high-performance TIG welding with InFocus technology
Plasma welding power source PSI 400

Plasma transferred-arc welding

Equipment and technique for PTA welding
You will also find an overview of our portfolio for welding in our welding brochure.
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