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InFocus welding in our application centre
Welding Parameters for InFocus determine
Feasibility studies help tapping the full potential of InFocus

17 October 2017

Welding Parameters for InFocus determine

InFocus welding in our application centre At the customer’s request our experienced application specialists develop the optimum solution for the welding of your specific components with InFocus. Our application centre for welding technique in Finsterwalde is fully equipped for carrying out feasibility studies. There are robots, a longitudinal welding machine and a linear axle available for determining the optimum welding parameters.  With this equipment we can identify the welding parameters for the most diverse component geometries. Even weld seams in constrained positions on sheets with a thickness between one and six millimetres could be realized with InFocus.

InFocus welding is an established, high-performance alternative to the conventional TIG welding process. Offering a wide range of applications, with InFocus you can master diverse welding tasks more efficiently than with conventional processes. Due to the good reproducibility of this process usually these parameters can simply be implemented in the production process. And that’s not even all: existing systems can also be optimized by means of a retrofit.

The basis for such a feasibility study is our checklist which records the requirements and boundary conditions. It is available for download here.

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