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 Presentable welding samples, welded with PSI 400
PTA Welding with Optimum Deposit
Variable processing of welding powder with new torch

InFocus welding in our application centre
Welding Parameters for InFocus determine
Feasibility studies help tapping the full potential of InFocus

Flux Equipment Assortment
Equipment and Retrofits for Flux Systems
Submerged-Arc Welding with Custom-Fit Flux Systems

Kjellberg Finsterwalde – Welding Technique since 1922

Kjellberg welding technique - Production around 1925The Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweißtechnik und Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH continues the tradition of the Kjellberg welding technique which dates back to the year 1922. Just a few metres away from the current loaction in Finsterwalde, the Swede Oscar Kjellberg founded the Kjellberg Elektro-Maschinen GmbH together with six other investors.
It was the aim of this company to produce suitable welding generators for Kjellbergs invention, the coated welding electrode. Within only a few years, Kjellberg became the world's biggest manufacturer of welding technique. Already in the end of the 1930s automated SA welding was a main focus of the company.
These many years of experience still provide the basis for the development of our products today. At two German locations, Kjellberg Finsterwalde conducts research for welding technique of the highest quality. If you have questions about our products and our company please contact our team who will gladly be of help.
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