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Lloyd Gruen

Lloyd Gruen is the ideal electrode for joint and tack welding in all branches of the sheet metal working industry. This rod electrode is characterised by good bridgeability and a stable arc. The user achieves a perfect seam surface and slag can be removed easily.  The welding electrode Lloyd Gruen is very suitable for thin sheet welding with small transformers.



E 35 0 RC 11

DIN 1913

E 43 22 R(C)3

AWS A 5.1

E 6012
Construction steel S 185 bis S 275
Ship steel A, B, D, A32/36, D32/36
Boiler steel P 195 bis P 275
Pipe steel L 210 bis L 245
Cast steel GE200, GE240, GP 240, G20 Mo5
Reinforcing steel Bst 420
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