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Im Lager liegen zahlreiche Elektroden bereit zum Versand.
80 Different Types of Welding Electrodes
Kjellberg offers more and more special and tailor-made electrodes

Welders and supervisors visited Kjellberg
Young Welders in Finsterwalde
In the National Competition the Kjellberg electrode Titan was used

Aquaweld electrodes with re-closable box
Aquaweld – Certified up to 20 m Water Depth
First Rod Electrode for Underwater Welding

Surfacing Electrodes

according to DIN EN 14700 and DIN 8555

FIDUR 1/300

Surfacing electrode, Mo- and V-alloyed, hardness 300 HB, surfacing on components with sliding wear

FIDUR 2/55

Surfacing electrode for hard and tough layers on unalloyed and low-alloyed steel, good edge-holding properties, hardness 55 HRC


Surfacing electrode for machine parts under abrasive wear consisting of un- and low alloyed steels

FIDUR 3/50

Surfacing electrode for hot and cold working tools, hardness 50 HRC 

FIDUR 4/60

Surfacing electrode for high-speed tools, hardness 60 HRC

FIDUR 6/55

Surfacing electrode for tough-hard, abrasion-proof layers on unalloyed and low-alloyed steel, hardness 55 HRC

FIDUR 6/60

Surfacing electrode for tough-hard, abrasion-proof surfacing layers, hardness 60 HRC

FIDUR 6/60 R

Rutile-coated surfacing electrode  for tough -ard, abrasion-resistant layers, hardness 60 HRC, suitable for AC current

FIDUR 7/200

Surfacing electrode for crack-resistant stainless layers on hard-manganese steel, hardness 200 HB, work-hardenable

FIDUR 7200 Mn

Surfacing electrode on parts which are subject to heavy impact wear and sliding wear

FIDUR 8/200

Surfacing electrode for railways and hard-manganese steel, hardness 200 HB, stainless, work-hardenable

FIDUR 10/60

Surfacing electrode for highly wear-resistant stainless layers which are exposed to abrasive and grinding wear, hardness 60 HRC, 160% recovery

FIDUR 10/65

Surfacing electrode for highly abrasive-resistant stainless layers which are exposed to strong abrasive and grinding wear, hardness 65 HRC, 190% recovery

FIDUR 10/65 W

High-performance electrode with 240 % recovery for highly wear-resistant layers on tools and machine parts,which are subject to heavy abrasive and impact wear, also at high temperatures

FIDUR 10/70

Surfacing electrode for wear-resistant, stainless layers which are exposed to heavy abrasive and grinding wear and also high temperatures, hardness 70 HRC, 240% recovery

FIDUR 23/250

Nickel-base surfacing electrode of alloy class 275 (nickel-chromiu-molybdenum), good thermal-shock resistance


Cobalt-based surfacing electrode, resistant against cavitation, erosion, corrosion, good thermal-shock resistance, hardness 40 HRC 


Cobalt-based electrode for surfacing against corrosion, oxidation moderate abrasion, heavy cavitation and erosion at high temperatures


KAIT 2000
KAIT 6000
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