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13 April 2016

80 Different Types of Welding Electrodes

Im Lager liegen zahlreiche Elektroden bereit zum Versand. The product range of electrodes made by Kjellberg has continued to grow over the past years. In particular the two electrodes for working underwater are worthy of note. Since 2015, the certified welding electrode Aquaweldhas been part of the product range. The electrode Kjelcut-Aqua has been developed for cutting underwater. Thus, Kjellberg has continued to distinguish itself as manufacturer of special electrodes. Of course, the product range also includes many well-proven standard electrodes.
You can now find the new electrodes in our updated Welding Electrodes Manual 2016/2017. It contains the complete product range clearly arranged for engineers, welders and those responsible for welding processes. This reference book lists the welding technique standards and provides guidance regarding the storage and re-drying of electrodes. Spreadsheets for calculating the profitability as well as comparative tables regarding the tensile strength and hardness make every-day work easier for beginners and experts. Furthermore, the integrated welding guide provides helpful advice for every welder.
The pdf version of the manual is available in the download area of our website. For a print version please use the contact form to contact us.

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