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Thanks Oscar - 110 years Electrode
Patent Granted in 1908

Im Lager liegen zahlreiche Elektroden bereit zum Versand.
80 Different Types of Welding Electrodes
Kjellberg offers more and more special and tailor-made electrodes

Welders and supervisors visited Kjellberg
Young Welders in Finsterwalde
In the National Competition the Kjellberg electrode Titan was used

Welding Electrodes "Made in Germany"

Kjellberg welding electrodes are quality products made in Germany which are manufactured at our location in Massen. In several process steps the rod electrodes are produced from high-quality raw material, each one designed for a particular welding task. Kjellberg Finsterwalde is Germany's oldest electrode manufacturer with more than 85 years of experience in this field. Oscar Kjellberg, who founded this company and gave it his name, developed the patend for the coated welding electrode. Until today this tradition has been carried on by continuous research and development. 
All our products are subject to close quality inspections. Load tests and chemical analyses are part of every manufacturing process.
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