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Thanks Oscar - 110 years Electrode
Patent Granted in 1908

Im Lager liegen zahlreiche Elektroden bereit zum Versand.
80 Different Types of Welding Electrodes
Kjellberg offers more and more special and tailor-made electrodes

Electrodes and Filler Materials

Kjellberg Finsterwalde Elektroden und Zusatzwerkstoffe GmbH was founded in 2008. Its foundation resulted from the demerger of Kjellberg Finsterwalde Elektroden und Maschinen GmbH, a company with many years of tradition which was founded in Finsterwalde in 1922. 23 employees work at the head office in Massen, a village in southern Brandenburg near the "singers town" of Finsterwalde. The company is part of the Kjellberg group.
The production site of Kjellberg Finsterwalde Elektroden und Zusatzwerkstoffe GmbH is one of the latest in Europe. Among others, the company specialises in the development and production of high-alloyed welding electrodes. With more than 60 standard compounds and various customised rod electrodes we supply a wide network of dealers worldwide.
An impression offers the brochure "Welding Electrodes with Reliable Quality - download here:
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