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UPP System on the Way to Cuba

Loading of the welding equipment At the end of February a complete surface welding system was sent on its journey from Finsterwalde to the railway repair workshop in the Cuban town of Camagüey where it will be used for re-profiling worn-out wheel sets by surface welding. The equipment and control unit was developed and realized by designers and technicians from Kjellberg Finsterwalde on behalf of a German consulting company.

For the coating process, the wheel set rests on a lifting and rotating device which is connected with the base frame of the gantry. After pre-heating, a cross slide positions the moveable parallel-wire submerged-arc welding head above the work-piece. The front sides are welded with buffer layer and top layer. The powerful welding rectifier GTH 1402 delivers a welding current of up to 1,400 A. The welding flux is returned into the flux system with a pneumatic flux recovery unit, fine dust is separated. The welder supervises the welding process visually and controls it on a central control panel.

After approval in Finsterwalde, the gantry is now on its way to Cuba and will be commissioned by Kjellberg service technicians in spring this year. It replaces a system for the regeneration of wheel sets made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde, then operating under the name of VEB Schweißtechnik. It was delivered from the former GDR to Cuba already 40 years ago.

The complete welding systemPre-heating of wheelsSubmerged Arc Welding
Re-profiled wheel
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