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Katode IF52pro
Coating Protects Torch and Process
New Cathodes Reduce Repair Costs and Simplify Change of Consumables

Kopperation mit Linde
EuroBlech Follow-Up: Positive Pole Welding
Cooperation with Linde at the EuroBlech 2018


Welding technique made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde can also be rented, e.g. in order to cover for production peaks or to realise short-term projects.
Learn more about welding equipment and technologies from Kjellberg in our individual trainings.

It is an additional service that also non-specialists can gain insights into the specific features of various welding processes and their fields of application. For this purpose, the processes that are in Kjellberg's view most important are presented in more detail.
An RSS generator completes our service offer. You will never miss individual Kjellberg news about the products, the company and special offers again.
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