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New plasma cutting system successful in industrial testing

Cutting Demonstrations

In Kjellberg Finsterwalde's application centre, cutting demonstrations take place on a regular basis. They are a good opportunity for users to see for themselves the cutting quality of our plasma cutting systems. Several different 2D and 3D guiding systems including two robots and five CNC cutting machines are available and are also used for cutting user-specific samples. 


Furthermore, we offer to prepare user-specific cost calculations. User-specific cost calculationThis means that it is possible to calculate the costs per cutting metre or the costs for a part of a certain material and with a certain material thickness when plasma technique made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde is used. Thus, users can fully understand their individual cost breakdown. This also allows comparing plasma cutting with other cutting methods.


If you are interested in seeing a demonstration or receiving a cost calculation please contact our sales team. We will gladly help you with your questions and requests for an appointment. You may also complete our contact form. Please select "Advice on plasma technique" as contact reason. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


The application centre is equipped with guiding systems of differenct manufacturers.All in all, eight different guiding systems are available for demonstrations.Bevel cutting with a rotating torch with highest precision.Plasma cutting demonstration
Plasma cutting demonstrationRobot demonstrationUser-specific plasma cut with robotDemonstration of manual plasma cutting / hand plasma cutting
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