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 Presentable welding samples, welded with PSI 400
PTA Welding with Optimum Deposit
Variable processing of welding powder with new torch

InFocus welding in our application centre
Welding Parameters for InFocus determine
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PTA Welding with Optimum Deposit

 Presentable welding samples, welded with PSI 400 The new plasma welding torch PlasmaT 410M Fidur is a versatile tool for plasma-transferred arc welding (PTA). One or two powder supply units can be connected and thus up to two plasma powders processed, separately or mixed. Depending on the wear type the optimum structure of the hard coating is adjustable. The welder can influence weld penetration and dilution as well.

The reliable supply of the welding powder ensures a constant coating. An efficient cooling allows a current load of up to 400 amps at a duty cycle of 100 percent. This way up to nine kilograms per hour welding flux have been processed already. The high deposit rate allows increasing thickness of layer respectively coating speed as needed.

The technical requirement for using this torch is the PSI 400, a powerful inverter power source for plasma-transferred arc welding. In addition to a maximum welding current of 400 amps at 100 percent duty cycle, this machine is very easy to handle: via a touch display different user levels can be managed. These offers several options for influencing the welding parameters and data base. The powder can be calibrated electronically. These specific powder data are also stored in the database.

Further details about the equipment and welding samples can be found on our website.

PTA welding torch PlasmaT 410M Fidur
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