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Flux Equipment Assortment
Equipment and Retrofits for Flux Systems
Submerged-Arc Welding with Custom-Fit Flux Systems

Loading of the welding equipment
UPP System on the Way to Cuba
In future worn-out wheels will be refurbished with Kjellberg technique


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Flux Equipment Assortment 20.06.2017

Equipment and Retrofits for Flux Systems

Submerged-Arc Welding with Custom-Fit Flux Systems

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Loading of the welding equipment 24.02.2017

UPP System on the Way to Cuba

In future worn-out wheels will be refurbished with Kjellberg technique

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InFocus arc at an longitudinal seam welding machine 22.12.2016

Automated Welding: Play it Safe!

In our Application Centre for welding technique we identify the optimum parameters for your process.

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KA 1-UP auf dem Messestand in Hannover 07.11.2016

Show offers – still valid until 30th November

Kjellberg Finsterwalde has had two special offers for the semi- and fully automated submerged arc welding in its show-luggage to EuroBlech. You missed them?

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EuroBLECH 2016 18.10.2016

Live welding & cutting at EuroBLECH

Kjellberg shows latest technologies in practice

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Special offer column and boom 04.02.2016

Columns and booms for SAW

Special offer for cost efficient automation solutions

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PSI 400 with touch display and flux feeder 24.11.2015

PTA welding with ease of use

High-power PSI 400 launched

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Introduction of our new plasma cutting series Smart Focus 28.10.2014

Successful at the EuroBlech 2014

Kjellberg shows new solutions for welding and cutting.

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Logo Youtube 04.09.2014

Kjellberg on YouTube

Videos show special applications and technologies

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Patented InFocus torch with 1,000 A and 500 A for automated application 10.09.2013

InFocus 500 for better accessibility

InFocus technology for welding and soldering of all steels and non-ferrous metals

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The Tiny 250 Cel welds all types of electrodes 17.04.2013

New Inverter for Manual Metal Arc Welding

Tiny 250 Cel welds all types of electrodes

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Fidur hard surfacing used in steel industry 05.04.2013

Premiere at Hanover Trade Show Industry

Kjellberg presents new business unit wear protection

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Kjellberg sponsor filler materials for DVS Competitions 30.01.2013

Competition for Juvenile Welders: Kjellberg Assume Patronage

Support for the DVS Competitions at Regional, National and International Level

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New postal and shipping address 09.01.2013

New adresses

"Leipziger Straße" renamed into "Oscar-Kjellberg-Straße".

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Hands-on welding - a challenge not only for female students 03.12.2012

All-Russian Welding Olympics in Novosibirsk

Students weld with Kjellberg technique.

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Kjellberg wins with InFocus motif 26.11.2012

Award-Winning Kjellberg Advertisement

InFocus motif is advertisement of the month

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Hand over of a welding unit of the Kjellmig series 10.11.2012

Joined in Competence

Inauguration of Training Centre in Calbe

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Expanded range of welding materials 17.10.2012

New wires and flux in our product range

Kjellberg Finsterwalde expands its range of welding materials

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Meister Werner Katzschner erklärt die Funktionsweise einer Elektrodenpresse 03.06.2012

Künftige Schweißfachingenieure bei Kjellberg

100 Studenten im postgradualen Studium zum SFI in Finsterwalde

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Sortimentserweiterung 13.03.2012

Welding Division Extends Product Line

Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweißtechnik und Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH has added three new products to its product line.

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Winner of the DVS competition in MAG welding Klaus Leupold 19.10.2011

Winner of the MAG Welding Competition Receives Kjellmig 180

Kjellberg supports the national competition for juvenile welders "Jugend schweißt“

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KJELLmig 180, 230, K350 28.02.2011

KJELLmig series back again

The bestsellers of the MIG/MAG shielded arc welding units are again available.

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Kumoweld 09.12.2010

Kjellberg Welding Division at Kumoweld

On 16 and 17 December 2010, Kjellberg submerged-arc welding technique can be seen in the Netherlands.

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UP H-500 09.12.2010

Extended Offer for Manual Submerged-Arc Welding

New in our programme: Kjellberg Finsterwalde presents a solution for manual submerged-arc welding.

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Kjellberg Winter 09.12.2010

The Welding Division Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Kjellberg Finsterwalde thanks its customers, suppliers and friends.

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