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The production of the new generation of plasma cutting systems is in full swing
Sales start of Q 3000 – Industry 4.0-capable Kjellberg
New plasma cutting system successful in industrial testing

Spare Parts and Consumables 

Durable and efficient spare parts and consumables are the main topic of Kjellberg Finsterwalde's research and development work. The ongoing optimisation of the production process and extensive new developments are the basis for highest cutting quality and the consistent reduction of costs per cutting metre.


Original Consumables from Kjellberg Finsterwalde

By using original spare parts and consumables from Kjellberg the user benefits from longer lifetimes which lead to a further reduction of costs because less consumables are needed and, above all, the change times will be reduced as well. Thus, a higher yield per piece of consumables is achieded or, respectively, a reduction of the costs per cutting metre.




How you benefit from using original parts:

  • High process reliability
  • Widest range within quality
  • Minimized cutting costs
  • Homogeneous spread of wearing
  • Reduction of down times and repair expenses
  • Preservation of warranty


Cost advantages with copper cathodes

For cutting mild steel with plasma cutting units of the HiFocus neo and Smart Focus series robust copper cathodes are available that convince with a long consumable life and an excellent price-performance ratio. Thus, expensive downtimes for changing the consumables are reduced.

New copper-cathodes for HiFocus plasma cutting units

New long-living consumables from Kjellberg Finsterwalde
Advantages for the users:

  • Cost reduction due to significantly lower price than for former cathodes
  • Reduction of cutting metre costs
  • Conservation of resources because of copper material
  • Reduction of tied up funds due to more economic consumables and its stockage
Thanks to a consumable upgrade also users with older HiFocus units may benefit from powerful copper cathodes for cutting mild steel. Further information about the possibilities of retrofitting can be requested from our service team.
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