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Plasma-Transferred Arc Welding with Optimum Transfer Efficiency

PTA welding samples At the trade show Schweißen & Schneiden Kjellberg Finsterwalde presented a new torch for PTA welding. The torch PlasmaT 410M Fidur is a versatile tool for plasma-transferred arc welding.

This torch makes it possible to process two types of welding powder – either premixed or separately in a defined sequence. With the same torch it is also possible to bring a single welding powder before or behind the arc. Depending on the wear type and the corresponding powder mixtures, this is used to set the weld penetration and dilution as well as the optimum structure of the hard coating.
The reliable and constant supply of the welding powder guarantees an even application of the coating. The efficient cooling with two cooling circuits allows a current load of up to 400 Ampere at a duty cycle of 100%. This way up to 9 kg welding flux can be processed per hour and, if required, the coating speed can also be increased.

The technical requirement for using this torch is the PSI 400, a powerful inverter power source for plasma-transferred arc welding. In addition to a maximum welding current of 400 Ampere at a duty cycle of 100%, this machine is very easy to handle: operation is via a touch display. Different user levels open up several options of how deeply to influence the welding parameters and data management. In the simplest case, the pilot current, main current, gas and powder quantities can be adjusted via a menu.

At the next level up, the welding regime, pulse parameters, gas and powder quantities are entered via a graphical user interface. The highest level offers free parameter configuration and thus extensive process control. At this level the two powder supply units are controlled separately. The powder can be calibrated directly at the machine which is very user-friendly. These data are also stored in the database.
Press contact:
Jana Müller, Marketing SWelding Technique
Tel.: +49 3531 500 220


Press release as PDF
Photo PTA welding samples
Photo PTA torch

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