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Oscar Kjellberg
Read more about our long tradition in the development and production of welding electrodes, welding machines and plasma cutting systems.


Students Explore Technologies

Congratulations from Dr. Norbert Pietsch to Oliver Ebert, Henry Hantke, Fabian Pinder and Richard Lopp (from left)

Participants under the guidance of Dr. Martin Kubusch successfully explore the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH (KPM) and modern inverter technique for plasma cutting 

In a project week under the theme „Students explore technologies in companies of the region“ 44 students explored twelve companies. Five of them visited KPM and became acquainted with the history of plasma power sources. On the occasion of their final presentation on 11 November 2009 in the auditorium of the secondary school they explained with enthusiasm how inverters work. Their extensive knowledge of electrotechnic details made a great impression on the audience and was surely decisive for the vote to be among the three best project groups.

Three secondary school students explored welding methods at the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweißtechnik und Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH. Under the guidance of Bernd Peschke they gained insight into different welding techologies and could operate the machines. The result is a film about manual electrode welding, TIG, MIG/MAG and SAW welding. Unfortunately, it was not enough for a victory because competition was tough.

The jury as well as the numerous guests were impressed by the variety of the presented projects. Prof. Frank Berg of the SINUS Foundation, the organizer of the competition, said: „It was incredibly difficult to decide. All participants delivered phantastic presentations.“ The students described improvements of a production line at the manufacturer of in-line switch disconnectors, the company EFEN in Uebigau which on the other hand are suppliers for the fabrication of switchboards at the company UESA. They discovered how paint defects on car bodies can be removed with the technique of GP Innovation in Lübbenau, they discovered the special features of brake pipes made by TTS Tube in Massen or how many work steps are necessary for the manufacture of a writing table at the company REISS in Bad Liebenwerda.

„It was really exciting to find out how extruders work“, one could hear students say who described the fabrication of plastic pipes and their further processing a the company Schönborner Armaturen in Hennersdorf. For many of them it was a totally new experience to explore production processes. But they also learned how important it is to continuously develop new products or to respond to customer requests. The best example of this is the manufacturer of what seam to be simple rivets and thread inserts, the company Böllhoff in Sonnewalde. The products are fabricated according to customer request. Böllhoff also has a zero-mistake philosophy.

The selection of the three winners was not easy, however, just like the students who visited KPM, two groups of students from the secondary schools Elsterschlossgymnasium and Sängerstadt-Gymnasium could impress the jury and the guests most at the end. The students from the Elsterstadtgymnasium showed a film about the dairy chain at the company Campina in Elsterwerda and the students from the Sängerstadt-Gymnasium explained technologies regarding the use of light and air for heat production developed by the company ETAPART in Tröbitz. Together with their supervisors, the winners will go on a two-day trip to visit the Institute for joining technology of the Hanover university and the scientific world of experience Phaeno in Wolfsburg.   

Prof. Berg thanked the students company SIG. „Thanks also go to the supporters like the bank Sparkasse, the Association for the cooperation between schools and the industry, the district Elbe-Elster as well as the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH.“ IThe exhibits will be shown in the next weeks in the Sängerstadtgymnasium and an internet presentation is to follow.

Winners of the projekt Sudents explore technologies are happy about travel vouchersStudents explain the advantage of EFEN load disconnector (photo by Karsten Bär)Use of light and air for heat production (photo by Karsten Bär)
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