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Oscar Kjellberg
Read more about our long tradition in the development and production of welding electrodes, welding machines and plasma cutting systems.


PDF Printer Now Online

PDF printing logo
Link to PDF printing in the footer
Link to PDF printing in the footer
With just one click it is now possible to display current websites of Kjellberg's internet portal as PDF files. The so-called Portable Document Format (PDF) can be opened platform-independantly with numerous programmes. Often, these programmes have already been installed in the browser and the PDF file is opened automatically. The generated pages in A4 format can easily be printed, saved or even sent as email attachment.
The PDF printing option converts for example a product page into a print-optimised product description file for saving or sending.
All pages which can be converted into a PDF file contain the link "PDF printing" in the grey footer at the bottom of each web page. Simply click on this link and the PDF file will be generated and displayed.

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