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Oscar Kjellberg
Read more about our long tradition in the development and production of welding electrodes, welding machines and plasma cutting systems.


Grand Prix 2012 awarded to Kjellberg

Winner of the European Youth Olympics With their song "Things used to be", accompanied by a presentation of old and new photos from Kjellberg workshops, the Kjellberg team "The wild card" from Finsterwalde, with Florian Gröbe (pictured left) and Florian Napp, was the overall winner of the European Youth Olympics for Intercultural Openness and Mobility, coming in ahead of the teams from the Netherlands and Portugal.

In the week from 8 to 13 October 2012, seventy participants from twelve nations took part in a project competition in the host city of Finsterwalde. The young attendees had to produce their own presentation, in English, of a maximum of five minutes. The theme this year was: "Everything was better in the good old days…".

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